Saturday, November 6, 2010

Real Halloween Kid and Goodie Goblin Spotted!

It gives me the biggest joy to see these photos come in of some of the characters in the HALLOWEEN KID. These buckaroos could've been anything in the world for Halloween, but they chose to be characters from the book and I will never forget these guys for doing this! Up first is my pardner Isaac in a nice HALLOWEEN KID get up along with horse. I love the mask and the wranglin' rope and I give extra style points for the family's handmade skeleton decoration (in the background) versus a store bought one! Well done! Isaac, if you are reading this, nice job my friend, I hope you wrangled up lots o' Halloween fun!

Next up, and what was a big surprise, was my pardner Ethan's costume of a Goodie Goblin! I thought there would be lots of Halloween Kids, but Ethan rounded up a pretty nice Goodie Goblin outfit! Nice going Ethan! The horns are awesome! I hope you snatched up lots o' goodies with the Goodie Goblin get-up!
Well played my friends, your costumes warmed my heart like a big ol' jack o' lantern!
I thank you kindly!


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