Thursday, April 28, 2011

Latino Comics Expo and New Skeletown Goodies

Hello everyone,

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I will be at the first annual Latino Comics Expo on May 7th- 8th in San Francisco, at the Cartoon Art Museum. It is an honor for me to have been invited and to be amongst these great creators: Michael AushenkerFrederick Luis AldamaJose CabreraHector CantuJaime CrespoJavier HernandezMario HernandezRafael NavarroAnthony OropezaGrasiela HernandezCarlos SaldaƱa and Reluctant Zero.
Hopefully, I'll see some of you there. I'll also have a few new Skeletown goodies just in time for the show, like:

This new Skeletown Papel Picado Card and Envelope Set:

A Skeletown Piggy Bank:

Skeletown Cascabeles/ Rattlers:

and Skeletown Trompos/ Tops:

I'm looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones!

Thanks for reading,


Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Print Release Announcement

I'm very happy to announce my first ever limited print (of hopefully many others to come) of one of my favorite paintings. This first print is titled, OLD MAN SUN and is being released on Wednesday, April 13th at 3:00pm through Trapeze Editions . It is signed and numbered with a limited edition run of 100 for $100 each. It measures 18 x 24 inches and is printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Satin Fine Art Media Paper. Each print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. 

As a bonus, Trapeze Editions is offering the first 30 people who pick one up, a free bonus print, with a different (but related) design that is printed in gold ink.

Close Up:

Bonus Print (signed and printed in gold ink and measures 7 1/2 x 13 1/2 inches limited to the first 30 buyers)

I designed the bonus print to look like something that might be found on an antiquarian children's book cover.

Close up:
The quality on these prints is top notch. Trapeze Editions' attention to detail is uncanny and I'm very proud to be releasing my first print through them. Also, I'm excited that it will be available to the world with oversees shipping available (I always have technical trouble with shipping overseas with my own sales).

To pick one up, and a chance at the free bonus print, please go directly to the Trapeze Editions store on April 13th at 3:00 (Pacific Time). Good luck, and as always, your support is much appreciated!

Here's the link to the print in the Trapeze Editions gallery store:

(it is listed right now as 'coming soon', but will be active at 3:00pm on April 13th)

Here's the official press release from Trapeze Editions:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back From The Dead

This one is for the hardcore. I'm not going to mention what this T-shirt design is for, but if you know, and must have it, it is here for you. $15 plus shipping (Sizes M,L,XL- U.S. only) This one is very specific. I did a small run for now. If any remain after this, I will have what's left to sell at the first Latino Comic Book Convention. The Latino Comic Book Convention is on May 7th- 8th at The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. For more info on the convention click here . If you'd like to order the shirt, please click the 'Buy Now' button below. (Note: If you are reading this on Facebook and see no Paypal 'Buy Now' button right below, please visit the original posting by clicking here ) Thank you! ~ Rhode

UPDATE: I forgot to add size selection on the buy button, so if you order one, please just write your size in the "instructions to merchant" section in Paypal. Thanks!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hello all,

Sorry for lack of posts lately, but there is much cooking that I hope to share soon including my first ever limited print of one of my paintings, and preparing for the first Latino Comic Book Convention. More on these things and more news later. For now, I'm going to switch things up a bit and just share some photos. We had the last of our snow, it seems, but before it went away I did another little snow mission. This one maybe was a bit more abstract to recognize, but if someone with pirate knowledge stumbled across this, a treasure they would find! Yar!

This is what it involved:
-2 food colors ($2)
-2 spray bottles ($2)
- 5 packs of gold coin chocolates ($5)
Total of $9

I buried the chocolate coins and painted a red 'X' to mark the spot. I did a few, but had a late start so it started getting a dark fast, so I was only able to snap this one photo. Whoever picked up on this pirate visual language would find some treats (frozen, but still treats!)

Here are some more treasures I recently found:

Sometimes while walking around I like to stare up. That way I tend to find some interesting things that probably would go unnoticed in everyday life. One day, I saw this window way up high and it caught my attention:

Then I looked over (as instructed) and saw this:

Someone had made a Post-It note heart with a smily face and a sun. I loved it! It was a nice surprise and the fact that someone took the time to do this small thing- it just made my day. Also, I liked the jack-o-lantern eyes! Here's what it looked like originally from my view. ( I zoomed in on these previous pics)

I also came across this Snow Giant in China Town:

He looked much bigger in person!

Lastly, and my favorite- sometimes there are treasures where you'd least expect... I saw this happy guy on top of a pile of garbage. Can you see him?

That's all for now. Thanks for visiting. I leave you with this quote from Roald Dahl (author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and much more):

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it"