Monday, October 24, 2011

It's The Great Halloween Compilation!

Hi Boils and Ghouls!
As the most magical holiday approaches, I thought I'd compile all the Halloween images that I've ever done! (Well, at least the ones on my computer.) So here they are! Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!! ~Rhode

Also, here's a short Halloween-y movie intro that I made.


  1. ains como me encanta tu trabajo :3 definitivamente irás de nuevo a mi blog para el viernes del artista del mes jejejejeje!!

    Saludos y feliz halloween.

    Pd. está nice el intro jejeje, amo las calabasas

  2. Holy Cow!!! Just saw a few of your pieces on Pinterest! Your artwork is AMAZING!!! So glad I found your website.

  3. Ruzu- Gracias por escribir y espero que tengas un Halloween maravilloso!

    Holiday Sparkle- Thank you for visiting and for the kind words! Happy Halloween!

  4. Wonderful & beautiful work. Dark fun!

  5. These are amazing! Very lovely. Do you sell prints? :)

  6. Love your art! Ditto to haley - do you sell prints? Have a great Halloween.

  7. you for your comment. I really liked what you said about my round Halloween painting at pumpkinrot blog- it made my day!

    Haley- Thank you! There are no immediate plans, but there may be a print of the one with the cat shooting fire out of the mouth and the skeleton coming out of the tree.

    Wikkedmoon- Thanks for the kind words and a Happy Halloween to you too!

    danielkons1- Thank you kindly!

  8. Hello! I linked one of your amazing skellies on my blog post; you can see it here:

    Really love your artwork!!!!

    Skelly Love,