Monday, October 31, 2011

The Halloween Kid Round Up 2011!

Yee- Ha-lloween everyone! Just thought I'd share some Halloween Kid news! I just did 3 back to back school visits in Petaluma, CA, thanks to Copperfield's Books. A year later since the book came out, it looks like the kids are still hankerin' for some Halloween Kid- so that was nice to see. The students also enjoyed a new activity that I recently introduced to the school and store visits- A toilet paper mummy wrapping contest! This is based on the first villains that show up in the book- Toilet Paper Mummies!  The kids go bonkers for this part. (I did not plan for this loud frenzy when I did the contest at the Brooklyn LIBRARY- oops!) They have to wrap their partner as fast as possible and the prize- a HUGE bag of 100+ candy!  It was also during the school visits that I learned that the book is on it's third printing- a first for me! Thanks for everyone who has supported the book!

Here are some action sketches of The Halloween Kid:
Here were two examples of the welcome signs that the students did when I arrived at the recent school visits:

This was a student's drawing which immediately stood out amongst the rest when I walked into the auditorium. I later learned his name was Anthony. You could just tell this kid has a natural talent, because no one else's sign came close to it. The level that he was at for his age was advanced. I had a small talk with Anthony later and told him that he has something special and that he should keep practicing. I expect great things coming from this kid!

Finally, here are some super drawings that my friend Britt's kid, Oliver, did based on some characters in The Halloween Kid book- pretty fun! Good job Oliver!
Toilet Paper Mummy!
Goodie Goblin!
Pumpkin' Suckin' Vampire!
The Giant Miami Werewolf! Raaaaawr!!!
Also, for those that may be interested, The Halloween Kid is on Facebook:

 May your Halloween be full of magic. YEE-HA-LLOWEEN!

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