Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This post is long overdue. Over the holidays at the end of last year, I started a fundraiser called Sketchgiving where people were encouraged to donate money and receive a sketch in return. The plan was originally to help 5 families in need with the money raised, but we surpassed that goal and raised $1,247.87 to help 8 families!  Thanks to the kindness of strangers, together we helped 8 families each get $100 in Ralphs grocery gift cards along with a $50.00 gift card to Target to help buy gifts for their children. Some of these families are living at a poverty level and some have kids with serious heart conditions and learning disabilities. Thanks to YOU these gift cards helped the families get basic needs like groceries, shoes, clothing, along with spreading some joy to their children over this past holiday season. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE. YOU helped make a difference for these families over the holiday season and made their day just a little bit brighter. Thank you to everyone who donated or just simply helped spread the word. Thanks to those that shared encouraging words and heartfelt stories. One person even commented that they had been given gifts by strangers when they were kids and wanted to pass it along to others by donating. Because of YOU, this is a wonderful win for mankind and kindness!

I also drew one name from all the donors and they won an additional color sketch. The winner was Charles Hastings. Congrats Charles!

Thank you SO much for these kind souls who donated to these families:Gary Ham, Charles Hastings, Dominic Dolar, Chris Censullo, Kathleen Hiraga, James Baker, Julia Lundman, Mylan Biermann, Eric Olivolo, Chad Kerychuk, Eric Blair, Juan Quiroz, Grasiela Rodriguez, Claudia Orozco, Jonathan Zammit, Jessica Preciado, Sandy Sanchez, Mario Lizarraga, Sylvia Smiser, Marcela Pertussi, Adrienne Anderson, Jarrod Maruyama, Mark Giglio, Jeffery Hansen, Manuel Marquez, Carlos Davila, and Jose Cabrera.

May your kindness be repaid in magical ways!

-Rhode Montijo

Here are some of the sketches below:
(Above) This was the original announcement.

Here were some of the sketches with the totals raised along the way.

This is the color sketch that Charles Hastings won. Congrats again Charles!

This is the photo of the gift cards we were able to get for the families!

Thanks again everyone!

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