Saturday, October 26, 2013

Anaheim Halloween Parade

I took a small break from working on the Halloween Kid animation this past Sunday to help out with something that I feel is truly special- The Anaheim Halloween Parade! I wish I could've contributed more, but here's a photo of some parasols that I did.
The parade will capture all that is vintage Halloween with a homemade touch that celebrates the past and community. IF YOU ARE A LOVER OF HALLOWEEN,THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! I was introduced to Kevin and Jody (organizers/artists of the parade) through some kind folks that stopped at my booth at Comic Con earlier this year and referred me to them. As soon as I stepped into their workspace, I knew these guys were makers of magic! AMAZING STUFF!!! They have a great eye for detail and celebrate the past. YOU MUST see/experience the parade! It's happening this Saturday October 26th starting at 6:00pm. Whether you are in the area or have to travel a bit, GO! GO! GO! Bring the whole family! You were warned! 

More info can be found on their facebook page: or on their webpage:


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