Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Kid Approved!

It seems that every year my neighborhood decorates less and less for Halloween, but there are a few that keep the Halloween torch burning bright. I decided to give out some sort of encouragement to those that did, to show that their house matters, and hopefully encourage them to keep going every year. I devised a door hanger that I would leave to those that decorated their homes for Halloween. 


It was fun to do. I started in my hometown and it ranged from homes that had really elaborate decorations,
to just simple decorations as long as there was just SOME sort of decorating. It started locally and then as I went to do school visits to other cities (for my children's book THE HALLOWEEN KID) I put up door hanger signs there.
(Petaluma, CA)
(Another home in Petaluma)
There were other homes, but these were a few that I managed to take photos of. I don't know how the signs will be accepted, but I personally just appreciate all decorations big or small that keep Halloween alive!

 I hope everyone is enjoying Halloween Eve!

Bonus pics: 
A Halloween Kid Scarecrow from Mrs. Moore's 2nd grade class in Elk Grove, CA. Great job guys!

Yee-Ha-lloween! It's the Halloween Kid!

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  1. Hi, Rhode. I'm trying to get a hold of you and hoping you'll check this blog and email me. I'm a children's book publisher, editor, and fan, and would love to talk to you about illustrating a project at Chronicle. Please email me at Ginee_Seo@chroniclebooks.com. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!