Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Halloween Kid Hallow'zine #1!

Howdy pardners,

I'm happy to announce my new 'zine called The Halloween Kid Hallow'zine. This is the first issue and it's full of Halloween Kid sketches that further explore the mythology of the Halloween Kid! The 'zine is 16 pages and comes with a full color cover on cardstock. It's $4 + $2 shipping=$6 total, but I'm offering it online for a week for just $5. This was fun to put together and I hope to do another issue in October, too! If you'd like to pick one up, please click below! I will send these out with a few extra treats. I only made 25 of them so far.

The Halloween Kid Hallow'zine#1 
$5 special 'till 9/17, $6 after (U.S. only)

10/15 UPDATE: Sold out! BUT, due to an overwhelming response, I will be reprinting these with another special cover soon, so if you are interested in seeing what was in the first Halloween Kid Hallow'zine issue, you can still place your order below! Thanks for all the support! ~Rhode

9/13 UPDATE: Due to an overwhelming response of these selling out in close to an hour yesterday (something I was not prepared for for a zine), I've reprinted another batch of these. So I have 50 copies available and to keep things simple I have to make this U.S. only, for now, but after the KEEN HALLOWEEN convention on September 29th, I will sell remaining copies here and make them also available to outside of the country. Since the original $5 sale price deadline has not come up yet, I'll continue offering it this time around. Once the Paypal button disappears, that means the zines are sold out. Thanks again everyone! ~Rhode


The Cover (click to enlarge)

Inside Cover (click to enlarge)

Interior Page Sample (click to enlarge)

Back Cover

Thanks for reading!~Rhode


  1. Ordered mine the second I saw this on Facebook! Looks beautiful!

  2. Thanks Jav! I'm sending it out today for you with some treats. ~Rhode

  3. So Cool! Are you going to Comikaze Expo?

  4. Aww, man! I'm like 10 Mins too late.

  5. Hi Gras! I wish I could go to Comikaze Expo, but I can't this year! It's so nearby, too!

  6. That'll teach me to take a few days off from computers!