Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Introducing Super Grammar!

 I'm really excited to announce SUPER GRAMMAR! Our new book officially comes out September 1st, just in time for back-to-school!
Tony Preciado and I created SUPER GRAMMAR because it's the grammar book that we both wish we had when we were kids in grade school. We both struggled with grammar. And since we both know how hard grammar can be, we wanted to try and help make it easier for others.
In our book, we combine concepts of grammar with superheroes. So for example, Double Negative is the name of an evil duo who tricks you into saying the opposite of what you mean. 
Although, it is considered a kids' book, we hope it'll appeal to anyone of any age who is interested in learning more about grammar in a fun way. We are really proud of this book. And out of everything I've ever worked on, I think this book will make a good difference
Publishing it has been a long, tough road. Tony and I pitched it to a lot of book companies. Many passed on it or wanted to make it a narrative book, but we always thought it would work best as a reference book. So when no one picked it up, we decided to put it online by creating our blog. Soon after, we were contacted by Scholastic Books, who wanted to publish it. Tony and I were super-excited. We couldn't think of a better match than Scholastic. They have a big reach with schools, and more than that, they really understood what we were trying to do with the book.
Super Grammar was soon put on a fast track to publication, and now it officially comes out in a few days, September 1st (although some have reported to have already received their pre-ordered books). The book is 176 pages and it’s in full color!
To order your copy, check out retailers like,, or find a local bookstore at To learn more about Super Grammar, visit us at, and we also have a facebook page that gets updated often!

Here are some Super Examples that you'll find in the book to help explain grammar concepts. We made every Super Example superhero-themed to keep it fun.

This is the Adverb with her modifying tool to modify verbs.

The Conjunction with his arms of steel to link phrases and clauses.

The Proper noun looking very proper with his awesome posture, pin-striped pants, and monocle!

The Verb is full of action!

Here are some examples of super sample sentences that you'll find in the book to help explain grammar concepts. We tried to make each sample super hero themed to keep it fun.

The Prickly Pair are causing trouble.

Captain Cliché said, "You'll never get away with this"

The cat burglar is stealing cats.

 For more information about SUPER GRAMMAR, please check out

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