Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Skeletown Tote Bag And More!

Skeletown Tote Bag #2- SOLD OUT
Hi folks!
With the San Diego Comic Con around the corner, I'm starting to get back new goodies from the printers that will be at the show, like this new Skeletown tote bag! BUT for one week only (ends 6/26/11) I'm offering this new tote bag up to everybody online and a whole month before the show! So here, for a limited time, is a new Skeletown tote bag depicting Skully blowing bubbles, in a Posada- inspired image. This measures 14X17.5 inches and comes with a black design on cream or canvas- colored fabric. $15 plus priority shipping (U.S. only -sorry!)

Skeletown Card and Envelope Set
I also have a Skeletown papel picado-style card and envelope set made for the first annual Latino Comic Book Expo, which I was really happy with how they turned out. I'm excited about offering these for first time online. They measure 4X5 inches with a thick white cut out design against pink interior. Each come with a cream envelope and packaged in a mylar bag. (shown below)
These are $6 with FREE shipping (order as many as you like!). Also there is no one week purchase time limit on these.

I also have a new Skeletown shirt design plus new buttons on the way. If  they get in sooner than later, I'll offer them up on here, as well. Thanks for reading! ~Rhode

NOTE*** If you are reading this on Facebook and see no Paypal link to purchase, please click to go to the original blog posting HERE!

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