Monday, October 4, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Howdy folks!

The results are in for the "What Did The Halloween Kid Wrangle" Drawin' contest and you guys drew your faces off! Thank you to all the artisits who entered, each piece was enjoyable. I hope everyone will keep drawing because you will only get better and better and one day my drawing hand will get tired and I'll need help creatin' more books! So are you ready to see the winners and the rest of the drawings, pardners? Here we go!

First up is the announcement for the ages 1-12 category. A drumroll please.... The first place prize goes to the creative and talented, Evelyn Anderson from San Francisco, California, U.S.A!

Comments: This 7 year old Artist (with a capital 'A') submitted this scaley, spikey, stitched-up, gnarled-tooth, blood-shot eyed, horned monster! It's a good thing The Halloween Kid wrangled up this crazy thing! A wonderful job Evelyn! Fantastic! Extra style points for adding your own dark castle in the background WITH moat!

You won: An original inked 8 x 11 in. HALLOWEEN KID drawing by me

An original one-of-a-kind HALLOWEEN KID mask

A signed and sketched HALLOWEEN KID book. Congratulations!

Comments: I received a lot of drawings from Bakersfield, California- good job Bakerfield!- and this one stood out for me. This mean little witch with nasty mole and wicked unibrow seems so upset that she is captured by THE HALLOWEEN KID. Nice coloring job on top of that. Great job Angie! Angie did not originally have her last name on the entry form, so I had to do a little investigating...

You Won: A signed and sketched HALLOWEEN KID book and poster! Congratulations!

Ages 13-18: Winner: The ghost of THE HALLOWEEN KID capturing a ghost!
Just kidding! For some reason I did not receive a single entry for this age category. Because of that, any entry would have been an instant winner. And now what you've all been waiting for...

Ages 19+: WE HAVE A TIE!!! This was a tough category because I received some nice submissions and because no one entered the ages 13-18 category I'm doing this: Both tie entries will receive a prize!

Joshua Smeaton Age: 35 from Tampa, Florida, U.S.A. ties with Xavier Loza Age 28 of Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A..
Comments: Joshua Smeaton submitted this fun drawing of THE HALLOWEEN KID wranglin' up Michael Jackson in zombie form, as found in Michael Jackson's THRILLER video.  A fun idea that was nicely drawn, posed, and lighted- Just look at the glow that the moon shines on M.J. and the shadows created- Nice! On top of that, was colored with colors and background similarly found in the HALLOWEEN KID book- Great job Joshua!

You won: An original hand drawn HALLOWEEN KID Trick-or-Treat Bag drawn by me
And a signed and sketched HALLOWEEN KID book. Congratulations!
First Place: Xavier Loza Age: 28 from beautiful Santa Barbara California, U.S.A.!

Comments: I love the evil HALLOWEEN KID Doppelganger  that Xavier drew and the nice little details like shabby tube sock horse with crooked tree branch! I also love that even as a villain, he has rose colored cheeks. The evil version even has an official HALLOWEEN KID trick-or-treat bag- that's just twisted! Great job Xavier!
You won: My original inked drawing of the entry form with my version of what THE HALLOWEN KID wrangled.
And a signed and sketched HALLOWEEN KID book. Congratulations!
Ages 19+ Runner Up: Alexandra Brace Age: 27 from London, United Kingdom!
Comments: Alexandra submitted this candy stealin' spooky clown. If you look closely that clown has fangs-scary! Nicely rendered, as well!
You won: A signed and sketched HALLOWEEN KID book and poster. Congratulations!

Winners: please email me your mailing addresses so that you will receive your prizes! 

Thanks again to each and every one of you for entering your lovely creations. You made this a really fun and memorable experience and I hope you had a good time drawing. And now here are the rest of the drawings. Enjoy!

Ages 1-12:
Artist: Unknown From: Parts unknown. THE HALLOWEEN KID has wrangled a terrifying half-bodied prehistoric creature. Although he may be smiling, don't overlook the frightening teeth count!

Jessyca Rodriguez Age:9, Bakersfield, California. Comments: Jessyca shows THE HALLOWEEN KID wrangling a spookly floating pumpkin. Nice starry background Jessyca!

Ashley Decuerva Age:9, Bakersfiled, California. Comments: Don't be fooled by this cute looking creature for it is pure evil! Good job Ashley!

Dylan Age:7 from Salt Lake City, Utah. Comments: Dylan shows THE HALLOWEEN KID lassoing a creepy mummy. I like how he depicted the bandages and I liked the eyes. Good job Dylan!

Jennifer Age:10 from California. Comments: Jennifer depicts this footless creature caught y THE HALLOWEEN KID. I like Jennifer's use of a word bubble.

Jonah Mingo Age:5 from Salt Lake City, Utah. Here, Jonah depicts THE HALLOWEEN KID capturing one of them sneaky GOODY GOBLINS from the book. Jonah shows great promise as an artist doing this at age 5!

Joshua Age:9 from California Comments: Joshua depicts THE HALLOWEEN KID wrangling up a great pumpkin (Whether its THE Great Pumpkin is still being debated by scholars) Joshua shows a nice use of space with his pumpkin patch and background and I like the cat and bat he added. Joshua will be a force to be reckoned with as an artist! Good job Joshua!

Eduardo Vasquez Age: 9, Bakersfield, California. Eduardo did a nice drawing of an original creation. I like al the 'x's' on the costume and the fact that he's blue. I also like the background he added. Eduardo will be an amazing artist! Great job Eduardo!

Andrea Santiago Age:9, Bakersfield, California. Comments: Andrea submitted this nice drawing of THE HALLOWEEN KID wrangling up some tasty treats. Looks like he even scored WHOLE candy bars- a trick-or-treat treasure!

Oliver Anderson, Age:4, San Francisco Comments: Oliver was the youngest entry and just look at his spooky creation! Oliver is off to a great young start with his drawing career!

Luno Age:5 from beautiful Oakland, California. Comments: Luno submits a scary hairy long-legged monster! Good job Luno!

Ages: 19+

Justin Babb Age: 26, St.Paul, Minnesota Comments: Justin entered a drawing contest for my comic, PABLO'S INFERNO years ago. He's still drawing and getting better and better. Here, THE HALLOWEEN KID wrangling EL CALAMBRE: the greatest Mexican wrester that ever lived (in my comic, at least!) Thanks for the crossover drawing Justin!

By the single nome de plume 'Goose',  also from the mighty Oakland, California. Comment: Another entry from Oakland California. This is a creepy multi-eyed and tentacled monster that I would not want to cross paths with! Nice drawing with nice use of the space! Good job Goose!

COMING SOON: A HALLOWEEN KID costume contest for the youngsters. Get ready!

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